MMJ Biopharma Cultivation combines the proficiency and wisdom gained from decades of the conscientious cultivation of marijuana with the expertise of leading innovators in the field of drug development. MMJ Biopharma Cultivation is reaching ground-breaking milestones in the field of cannabinoid science.

MMJ Biopharma Cultivation

Our mission is to lead the field of cultivation of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana and to continue the development and commercialization of proprietary cannabinoid-plant derived treatments to address the significant medical needs of patients.

MMJ BioPharma Cultivation is utilizing an advanced cultivation solution and integrated software. We are able to isolate strain specific cannabis plants and guarantee pharmaceutical level consistency, quality and reproducibility to reach scientifically meaningful conclusions.


Nurturing Cannabinoid Medicines That Heal

At MMJ BioPharma Cultivation, we are contracted to supply a pharmaceutical manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules from proprietary plant genetics. Our customer is advancing the science of medical marijuana by preforming FDA clinical trials. The therapeutic applications and healing qualities of cannabis are creating a revolution among medical professionals and patients alike. Qualitative research and real-world testing prove that patients are leading healthier, happier, pain-free lives aided by prescriptive treatment with medical marijuana.  Our goal is to produce superior pharmaceutical grade marijuana for patients facing pain and chronic illnesses.


Cultivate Healing Solutions

MMJ BioPharma Cultivation's cannabis plants flourish in our state-of-the-art cultivation facilities which maintain optimal growing conditions under the supervision of our experienced master growers. Each strain is scientifically selected based on its genetic profile and carefully nurtured to achieve superior quality, pharmaceutical-grade marijuana. Our experienced, artisan growers nourish each plant using only the finest, scientifically-formulated nutrients and innovative lighting and nutrient-delivery systems. We are continually developing and researching new cultivation technologies to enhance the medicinal value and increase the purity.


Our mission is to lead the field of cultivation of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana and to continue the development and commercialization of proprietary cannabinoid-derived treatments that address the significant medical needs of patients.



The Nature of Better Health

MMJ BioPharma Cultivation is committed to developing natural, whole-plant based pharmaceuticals that allow patients to treat the pain and symptoms of many debilitating conditions and diseases without the unwanted side-effects of synthetic drugs. We are committed to developing breakthrough, natural solutions that benefit patients who are facing many chronic conditions including cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, addiction, depression, and fatigue. MMJ BioPharma Cultivation is forging a path for patients to live healthier and more fulfilling lives through the prescriptive treatment of scientifically proven, natural, pure, and whole-plant based, cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

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