MMJ Biopharma Cultivation combines decades of cultivation, life science and drug development experience with industry-leading expertise in cannabinoid science. Our focus is growing pharma grade marijuana, developing and commercializing proprietary cannabinoid-derived medicines that address significant patients unmet needs.

MMJ International Holding - Duane Boise

Creating an FDA approved CBD medicine for Huntington's Disease & MS is MMJ International Holding's objective.


Nurturing Cannabinoid Medicines That Heal

The medicinal and healing characteristics of cannabis are nothing short of a revolution. Qualitative research and real-world testing show that people are leading healthier, happier, pain-free lives through the prescriptive treatment of medical marijuana. At MMJ BioPharma Cultivation, we are nurturing the quality and effectiveness of medical marijuana through the careful cultivation of cannabis plants in the United States. Our goal: to provide the purest, highest quality medicinal marijuana for patients dealing with pain and chronic illness.


Cultivating Healing Solutions

Our cannabis plants are grown in ideal climates with strict attention to quality control to ensure purity. We ensure that our plants are able to flourish under ideal optimal conditions - with rich soil, proper lighting, model temperature ranges, and frequent watering. Above all, we make sure our plants are pure, free of any outside contaminants and residue.


To advance the science of medical cannabis and help patients who suffer from chronic pain and debilitating diseases.



The nature of better health

We understand people’s pain and suffering. And we are committed to finding breakthrough solutions that fight chronic disease, such as cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, autoimmune disease, sleep disorder, alcoholism, depression, and
fatigue. We are leveraging advances in genetics research to offer medically proven natural pharmaceutical solutions that not only improve health, but that give patients more fulfilling, happier, and healthier lives.